KawpowMiner v1.2.4. — Nvidia 30xx support. Download

KawpowMiner is a ProgPoW GPU miner. KawpowMiner allows you to mine Ravencoins that depend on ProgPoW proof-of-work, including Ethereum ProgPoW. This is an actively maintained version of kawpowminer. It comes from the  ethminer project .


  • The first commercial KawPow software for miners.
  • OpenCL Mining
  • Nvidia CUDA mining
  • realistic benchmarking by arbitrary epoch/DAG/block number
  • DAG generation on GPU (no more DAG files on disk)
  • stratum mining without proxy
  • Selecting OpenCL Devices
  • farm failover (getwork + stratum)
  • Only Ethereum-based ProgPoW implementations are supported, no previous version of ethash or bitcoin-based forks are supported.

Download KawpowMiner

Latest release v1.2.4. Nvidia 30xx support.

Download the archive for your operating system and extract it to a location accessible from the command line. Now Kawpowminer is ready to use.


Kawpowminer is a command line program. That is, it can be run from the Windows command line or Linux console, and you can also create shortcuts to predefined command lines using Linux Bash scripts or Windows batch files. To see the full list of available commands, do the following:

For a complete list of available commands, please run the program with the flag  --help:


kawpowminer --help

Examples of connecting to pools

Connecting to  the MinerMore testnet  :

./kawpowminer -P stratum+tcp://<wallet>[email protected]:4505


kawpowminer.exe -P stratum+tcp://<wallet>[email protected]:4505

Example for NiceHash

kawpowminer -U -P stratum+tcp://[email protected]:3385
  1. Enter wallet address
  2. Enter farm name
  3. Specify the pool address and port

If you’re having issues with missing .dll or CUDA file errors,  please install the latest CUDA drivers  or report the error in the comments below.

Frequently asked Questions

Why is my hashrate with Nvidia cards on Windows 10 so low?

The new WDDM 2.x driver in Windows 10 uses a different way of addressing the GPU. This is good for many things, but not for ETH mining.

  • For Kepler GPUs: I don’t really know. Please let me know what works best for good old Kepler.
  • For Maxwell 1 GPUs: Unfortunately, the problem is a bit more severe on the GTX750Ti, which is already causing sub-optimal performance on Win7 and Linux. Apparently, it is still possible to achieve around 4MH/s on Linux, which, depending on the price of ETH, could still be profitable given the relatively low power consumption.
  • For Maxwell 2 GPUs: There is a way to mine ETH at Win7/8/Linux speeds on Win10 by downgrading the GPU driver to Win7 (recommended 350.12) and using a build built using CUDA 6.5.
  • For Pascal GPUs: You must use the latest WDDM 2.1 compliant drivers in conjunction with Windows 10 Anniversary Edition to unlock the full potential of the Pascal GPU.

Why is GTX 1080 slower than GTX 1070?

Due to the GDDR5X memory, which cannot be fully used for ETH mining (yet).

Are AMD cards subject to slowdowns when the DAG size increases?

GCN 1.0 GPUs only (78×0, 79×0, 270, 280), but different. You will see that in each new epoch (30,000 blocks) the hashrate will decrease slightly.

Can I still mine ETH with my 2GB GPU?

Not really, your VRAM needs to be larger than the DAG size (currently around 2.15 GB) to get the best performance. Without this, there will be a strong hash loss.

What are the optimal launch parameters?

The default options are suitable for most scenarios (CUDA). For OpenCL it’s a bit more. Just play with numbers and use powers of two. GPUs are like powers of two.

What does  --cuda-parallel-hashthe flag do?

@davilizh improved  the CUDA core hashing process and added this flag to allow changing the number of tasks it runs in parallel. These improvements have been optimized for the GTX 1060 GPUs, which have significantly increased hashrate, while the GTX 1070 and GTX 1080/Ti GPUs have seen some but smaller improvements. The default value is 4 (it doesn’t need to be set with a flag) and in most cases this will provide the best performance.

What is kawpowminer’s relationship with the Genoil fork?

The Genoil fork  was the original source of this version, but since Genoil no longer maintains this fork permanently, it has become nearly impossible for developers to merge new code into it. In the interests of progressing development, without waiting for feedback, this fork should be considered active and Genoil should be considered obsolete code.

Can I mine a CPU?

No, use geth, a go program created by ethereum for ethereum.

The order of CUDA GPUs sometimes changes. What can I do?

There is an environment variable  CUDA_DEVICE_ORDERthat tells the Nvidia CUDA driver how to enumerate graphics cards. Valid values ​​are:

  • FASTEST_FIRST(Default) – Makes CUDA guess which device is the fastest using a simple heuristic.
  • PCI_BUS_ID– Arranges devices by PCI bus ID in ascending order.

To prevent some unwanted changes in the order of your CUDA devices, you  can set the environment variable toPCI_BUS_ID  . This can be done in one of 2 ways:

  • Linux:
    • Adapt the  /etc/environmentfile and add the lineCUDA_DEVICE_ORDER=PCI_BUS_ID
    • Adapt your kawpowminer startup script and add the lineexport CUDA_DEVICE_ORDER=PCI_BUS_ID
  • Window:
    • Customize your environment with your control panel (just search  setting environment windows control panelwith your favorite search engine)
    • Adapt your kawpowminer startup (.bat) file and add the line  set CUDA_DEVICE_ORDER=PCI_BUS_IDor  setx CUDA_DEVICE_ORDER PCI_BUS_ID. For more information  setsee  here  , for more information  setxsee  here

Latest Versions

Kawpow Miner v1.2.4

  • Support for Nvidia 30xx series cards.

Kawpow Miner v1.2.3

  • Added a loop so that the program continues to try to connect to the strat if it is disconnected.
  • Added miner version to mining.subscribe
  • Increased version to 1.2.3

Kawpow Miner v1.2.2

  • The port range has been increased to allow 0 – 65535
  • Fixed dll location in Windows.